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Human Capital

The Bradesco Organization’s business is founded on the principle of acknowledging the value of its personnel’s performance and their potential for achievement.
Our Human Resources Management model is guided by excellence, respect and transparency in all relations, continued investment in development and shared knowledge and appreciation of human beings, without discrimination of any type.
We believe in our capacity to promote sustainable growth, both for our people and by our people.
We offer our employees opportunities for ongoing professional and personal development in a healthy, safe and ethical environment with transparent commitments and goals.
Even before our principles could be shared through the Corporate Code of Ethics of the Bradesco Organization, the guidelines that govern our relationship policy and play a fundamental role in the process of strengthening the organizational culture were already described in our Internal Regulations, created in 1944. Since then, the code has been updated and is handed to the employees upon their admission, to serve as a Practical Guide of Personal and Professional Conduct, to be used by everyone in their daily interactions and decisions, eliciting our principles and affirming our values.
Bradesco, by example and by the strong character and culture of the Organization, seeks to inspire, contribute towards and support its employees in the construction and in the recognition of their personal values and beliefs, which, once shared, contribute to the development of purposes.
For Bradesco, good results are the consequence of a work aligned to the individual values and purposes and to the organizational strategy, which, added to an effective prominence in the career of each employee, directs actions and encourages persistence in achieving the dreams and daily challenges.
We encourage our employees to overcome their limits and seek creative solutions in a quest for self-realization, customer satisfaction and business expansion.
Bradesco is a Career Bank in which employees are admitted to entry positions and, through opportunities for professional growth, are able to plan their careers and may reach all the hierarchical levels.
This is an important motivator for staff, which stimulates the endless quest for knowledge and renewal thereof. Moreover, our operations are continuously expanding throughout the country, providing new employment opportunities in all of the Bank’s segments.
Therefore, the professional growth of each employee is closely related to their effort and dedication.
We believe that highly skilled teams with consistent career opportunities are able to surpass goals and present excellent results whilst decisively contributing to the solidity of the Bradesco brand and the achievement of its market strategies.


A Bank that includes the stratification of Brazilian social structure seen among its customers and partners is very much committed to respecting Brazil's cultural and ethnic diversity. This is a fundamental part of Bradesco's strategic vision that ensures significant organizational performance.

People Management

We rely on a People Management team whose objective is to know the Organization’s human capital in order to help appropriately allocate professionals to the different positions and contribute to the development of individuals and teams.
Within specific methodologies, processes are carried out based on detailed analyses of the skills and performance of our staff.
Based on this information, the Human Resources Department, together with the team leaders, establish initiatives focusing on improving potential and enhancing individual performance. These inputs are also used in the succession process and to define Learning Solutions, provide ongoing feedback and prepare Individual Development Plans that motivate and drive new challenges, as well as in initiatives designed to engage talents.
In 2014, all our employees were assessed by the Competency Mapping process. Since 2003, more than 404,500 processes focused on identifying competencies have been conducted. In 2017 alone, more than 92,000 individuals were assessed by the Human Resources department to ensure that the Organization has the most recent data on its teams.
The behavioral evaluation was established in 2017, in which the leaders evaluate employees and they then perform a self-evaluation, thus providing a feedback process focused on development, recognition and alignment. In the first three quarters more than 189,000 evaluations were performed, which led to their reflecting on their own skills and, for those who are leaders, the analysis of their subordinates.


At the same time, the new Performance Assessment process already included 100% of the staff members. This process contributes to aligning objectives and guiding the teams’ efforts.

In 2017, this process should be expanded to other premises, contributing to aligning objectives and guiding the teams’ efforts.

In the third quarter of 2017, Bradesco, including its subsidiaries, had 100,143 employees.

 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 
Banco Bradesco  83,900  82,011  80,726  94,941   83,930 
Subsidaries  16,589  13,509  12,135  13,852  16,758  
Total   100,489 95,520   92,861 108,793  100,688  

Note: In July 2016, HSBC became part of Bradesco Organization.

Below, we highlight some of Bradesco’s human capital indicators in the third quarter of 2017:

Gender Age Years of Service to the Group Education Type of position
    Up to 30 years old 43% Up to 5 years old 32% High School 12%    
Male 49% Between 31 and 40 years old 31% Between 6 and 10 years old 30% Higher Education 69% Non-commissioned 33%
Female 51% Between 41 and 50 years old 17% Between 11 and 20 years old 19% Other 20% Commissioned 67%
    More than 50 years old 9% More than 20 years 19%        


See here more informations about Bradesco’s Human Capital Management.



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