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Compliance and Internal Controls Committee

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The Bradesco Organization deems risk management essential in all its activities, using it to add value to its business to the extent that it enables support for the commercial areas as they plan their activities and maximizing the use of our own funds and those of third parties, to the benefit of shareholders and the company.

It also considers risk management activity highly relevant due to the growing complexity of services and products offered by the organization, as well as the globalization of its business. Therefore, the Organization is constantly improving its risk management-related activities, complying with the applicable regulations, recommendations and the best international practices, yet adapted to the Brazilian reality.

The Organization makes considerable investments in activities related to the risk management processes, especially in the qualification of employees, so as to enhance the quality of the operation and ensure the necessary focus essential to these activities and that produce a strong added value. 

For further information, check the Supplementary Information to the Report on Economic and Financial Analysis, available at:

The Compliance and Internal Control Committee has the objective of advising the Board of Directors in the performance of its attributions to the adoption of strategies, policies and measures in connection with the communication of the internal control systems, mitigation of risks and compliance with norms applicable to Bradesco Organization.


Position at Bradesco

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Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Milton Matsumoto Member of the Board of Directors
 Aurélio Conrado Boni Member of the Board of Directors
 Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu  Executive Vice President
 Alexandre da Silva Glüher  Executive Vice President
 Josué Augusto Pancini  Executive Vice President
 Maurício Machado de Minas  Executive Vice President
 Marcelo Araújo Noronha  Executive Vice President
 André Rodrigues Cano  Executive Vice President
Octavio de Lazari Junior  Executive Vice President
 Moacir Nachbar Junior  Executive Managing Officer
 Clayton Camacho  Department Officer
 Frederico William Wolf  Department Officer
 Joel Antonio Scalabrini  Department Officer