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Mission and Strategy

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To provide financial and insurance solutions, products and services in adroit, competent fashion, especially through banking inclusion and social mobility promotion, contributing to sustainable development and building long-lasting relationships to create value to shareholders and to society.


To be recognized as the best and most efficient financial institution in the country, and for its activities toward banking inclusion and sustainable development.

Corporate Strategy

Bradesco, in the national market, maintains the objective of expanding the already prominent position it occupies among the private financial institutions and ensuring its leadership in the insurance industry. In this context, it will maintain the incentive in investments and in the democratization of credit, expanding the supply of products, services and solutions, promoting, as a first priority, the bank inclusion and social mobility, by means of its extensive Service Network, present in all regions of the country, which includes Branches, Customer-site Branches, Bradesco Expresso orrespondents, ATM equipment, and also through the Convenience Channels, such as the Internet Banking, Bradesco Celular (Cell Phone service) and Fone Fácil (Telephone service).

In the financial area, under the perspective of a strict monetary policy, the Bank will continue pursuing the growth of the credit portfolio, with emphasis on real estate credit, consumer credit and payroll-based loans, in addition to the strong performance in open supplementary pension plan and in the expansion of the services offered to the growing economically active population. For such, it will follow adopting effective security criteria that include the rigorous evaluation of procedures of concession and efficient daily collection of overdue amounts, through the Program for Recovery of Overdue Credits - PRCV. The strategic focus on secure dissemination and on business results, which are the examples of the investment bank, corporate, private banking and the management of third party resources, in addition to the investments in the market of cards, consortia, insurance, social security and capitalization,equally relevant, will remain active in the Organization.

With presence in strategic centers, such as New York and London, Bradesco offers support to Brazilian companies in their needs abroad, as well as to investors and foreign companies interested in Brazil. Bradesco Securities of New York, London and Hong Kong are fundamental to capture resources and distribute securities in these financial centers, as well as Banco Bradesco Europa, in Luxembourg and in London, with services of financing for corporate and private banking clients.

The continuous pursuit of growth requires substantial investment in Infrastructure, Information Technology and in the area of Human Resources, essential pillars for the banking market. In this sense, R$5.720 billion were invested to innovate, update and maintain the IT environment, which is highlighted in the market, with the best practices and existing technologies, and investments of R$145.135 million in training programs to members of staff, valuing motivation, innovation and focus on the client.

The respect to the consumer, the socio-environmental responsibility, safety and credibility are embedded in Bradesco's corporate culture. Three vectors of greater amplitude underlay the strategic planning:

a) growing organically, without losing sight of the possibilities of acquisitions, associations and partnerships, as long as they are committed to providing quality of service, safety of products, solutions and services, and the effective improvement of the indexes of operational and financial efficiency;
b) maintaining strict controls to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks inherent to the activities, as well as define the acceptable levels in each operation; and
c) conducting business with total transparency, ethics and adequate remuneration to investors.


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