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Bradesco Expresso Correspondent Banks

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Bradesco is continuously increasing its presence in the life of Brazilian citizens, wherever they are, whether in large city centers or distant cities previously excluded from the financial system. Through Bradesco Expresso, the Bank has contributed to the social and economic development of all municipalities in a unified manner.

Bradesco Expresso has enabled the Bank to expand its share in the correspondent banking segment through partnerships with supermarkets, drugstores, department stores and other retail chains, making sure the Bank is present in all Brazilian cities. For its customers and the community in general, Bradesco Expresso provides the convenience of banking services closer to their homes or workplaces, in establishments that customers identify themselves with and where they already have a relationship. Moreover, customer service hours are greater than those of traditional bank branches.

For the Bank, this is the best way to reach lowincome customers, especially the population deprived of banking services, once several units are being established in areas without traditional bank branches. In addition to providing benefits to storeowners and the local population, Bradesco Expresso also offers support to Bank’s customers, enabling them to perform any bank transaction in any Brazilian city.


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Number of Bradesco Expresso Units 39,885 39,062