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Other Channels

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The constant investments in infrastructure, information technology and human resources, which are considered indispensable pillars in the banking industry, allow Bradesco to constantly update its branch network, offering a broader range of services in varied media. The expansion and development of service channels generate productivity gains and bring comfort and safety to clients.

Social Networks
Since 2004, the Bank has had a strong presence on Social Networks, through which it monitors its brand, products and services, provides customer service and builds customer and non-customer relationships, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with answers being posted within approximately five minutes and its own specialized social media team. In addition to responding to doubts, complaints and suggestions, this team is also responsible for the interactions where the content of conversations with users is positive and usually arises from topics related to the Bank or from participation in daily conversations.
There is an emphasis on our performance in the relationship and co-creation with digital content creators in Brazil, like bloggers, vloggers and other publishers 2.0. The purpose of this activity is to open a direct dialogue with them and their audiences, significantly expanding the dissemination of products, services and channels, and, above all, to encourage the production of digital content in Brazil, strengthening this ecosystem, and significantly inserting Bradesco into these networks.
Bradesco also provides relevant content on the financial universe, technology and relationships on all main social platforms, which are fed by discussions on the Bank. This creates a social ecosystem that is the market’s benchmark, therefore, delivering the best experience to its audience.


Together with the Marketing department and other departments, the area sponsors events about the Internet and pop culture as part of its content creation and chat engagement activities, such as youPIX CON and Comic Con Experience.
3Q17 Highlights
Father's Day: to address the theme, in partnership with PapodeHomem website, we promoted a meeting of generations and an open and lively conversation about issues involving paternity. As a result of this conversation, we produced content that is connected with the message of the new positioning "Moving Forward" which had the perspective of the Aquino family on the transformation of the relationship between parents and children;

disclosure of sponsorships that reinforce the Bank's support to the Brazilian culture: Parintins Festival, Festa de Nossa Senhora da Achiropita (Feast of Our Lady of Achiropita), Festival Gastronomia Tiradentes (Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival), the play “A Visita da Velha Senhora” ("The Visit of the Elderly Lady") and the exhibition “No subúrbio da modernidade – Di Cavalcanti 120 anos” (“In the suburb of modernity - Di Cavalcanti 120 years”), ArtRio, Farroupilha Week, the Festa de San Gennaro (Feast of San Gennaro) and the MIMO Festival;

video co-created on the International Fair of Technologies in Rehabilitation (Reatech) with the YouTube channel, É Libras, where Flávia (physically disabled) and Bruno (visually impaired) participate in the event showing the innovations for people with disabilities.

InovaBra startups:
communication on the program of open innovation with the goal of starting conversations and interest for the registrations, which should commence in October;

Ippon: the struggle of life:
during the weeks of the reality show transmitted by Esporte Espetacular (a sports program on Rede Globo TV station), we published content about the program reinforcing that Bradesco is a master sponsor of the Brazilian Judo and shares its values. We had the following total results:

million likes
million interactions
million views
of positivity in the posts

We invited the youtubers LubaTV and Vivi (Vivieuvi channel) to perform a live broadcast on Facebook of Bradesco directly from the biggest event of the ecosystem of digital content creators.

Conquering Equity: we had an important role in reinforcing the message of the institutional campaign, translating it to the real story and creating the identification of the user. We worked with two videos addressing real stories about consortium (resource pooling for the purchase of goods) and financing and deeper content on Medium in co-creation with the financial expert Mara Luquet. YouTube, besides the impact and views in the videos, contributed to bringing traffic to the landing page;

3Grátis: we keep making content on awareness to support the campaign and enhance the dissemination of the benefit of free access to the Bradesco application. The content was directed both to users who demonstrate behaviors related to the use of data on mobile devices and to Customers who do not access the application that much;

Lollapalooza: as sponsors of the Festival, we disclosed the pre-sale of tickets exclusively for Bradesco Cartões Customers. We also disclosed when the sales were open to the general public; these contents have had an important role in the positioning of the Bank as sponsor and entered the pillar of Performance, totaling 14.6 million likes on Facebook and Instagram. After the disclosure of the line-up of the Festival, we also had a new publication to join the conversation on the network. As a highlight of this content, we had our first activation with the media on Stories of Instagram, totaling 7.6 million likes and 438 thousand views. It was a great result attesting to the efficacy of the format for this theme;

Bradesco Cartões App: September was the last full month of the activation campaign of the Bradesco Cartões application. We started on Social Networks on June 5 and it ended on October 4. During this period, Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) contributed to the results below:

68,233 clicks in the activation of incentives on the use of the application


Bradesco Celular

Bradesco’s mobile phone presence has been growing exponentially. Through applications for individuals and legal entities, we offer payment transactions, transfers, checking balance statements, loans and many other conveniences. Customers accessing their accounts through mobile phones are not charged, thanks to an agreement between Bradesco and Brazil’s main mobile phone operators (for more information, visit

We have the largest and most complete set of solutions on the market, with several types of transactions and apps for iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and tablets iOS (iPad).

The products and services that are always on hand are:

Check Deposit via Mobile Phone: this cutting-edge service in Brazil allows customers to deposit checks in a simple and innovative manner, by capturing pictures with their smartphones through the Bradesco apps.
Mobile-integrated Security Key (M-Token): a security device stored in the mobile phone that creates random combinations to validate transactions that are carried out in Bradesco Digital Channels;

Payment with barcode reader: when paying bills, customers can access our app and point the camera at the barcode, which is then automatically filled in;

Touch ID and Finger Print: this feature is available in the Bradesco, Bradesco Exclusive and Bradesco Prime apps for iPhones and Android with digital scanners. It allows customers to link their fingerprints to their four-digit password and Security Key, which provides quicker and more convenient access to their accounts through these apps;

Bradesco Net Empresa Celular (Bradesco Net Mobile Company): an exclusive app allowing Corporate Customers to manage their companies from any location;

DDA Authorization via SMS:
this service allows the paying or scheduling of bank slips registered at the DDA by only replying to an SMS;

SMS Pague Bradesco (SMS Banking): customers can pay or schedule enterprises’ invoices via SMS replies;

InfoCelular: as established by customers, they receive SMS alerts containing information on their checking account and savings account;

SMS Banking: by means of text messages, customers are able to check their Balances, Last Entries and Credit Limit, and are able to Top-up their mobile phone.

3Q17 Highlights


- Sharing of payment Receipts via WhatsApp;
- BIA Institutional – Bradesco Artificial Intelligence: Via Chat, the customer writes or verbalizes their question and BIA answers about products and services offered in our Digital Channels.

Legal Entities

- New Billing Platform - Adaptation of the billing systems to the new format established by Febraban for issuing and payment of bank payment slips;
- Approval of Pending Items – sent by transmission of files (WebTA and Multipag).


For more than 20 years, Bradesco, as a pioneer and an innovator, and the first Financial Institution in Brazil to have website address (www.), has been online via the Global Network. It has been providing financial services to its customers through this channel, turning its Websites into important sources of information for customers and non-customers and showing the transparency of the Bank in presenting its products and services clearly.

This Bradesco communication platform can be divided into two main access and content dissemination axes:

1. Bradesco Institutional Website ( with simplified content and language adapted to the digital world, it offers customers and the general public a wide range of information and explanations of the Bank’s various financial products and services.

The Bank currently has 39 Institutional Websites, providing the public with easily accessed and located content in a structured manner, including guides on how to open a checking account, descriptions of the services available in the Branch Network and Remote Channels, guidance on security, disclosure of social and environmental initiatives, specific publications for investors, financial education content, simulators and information on responsible credit, among others.

The institutional environments have simplified content and suitably adapted language, in addition to video tutorial platforms, with direct and objective language that facilitates the understanding of financial information, in addition to an important search tool that further facilitates the customers’ access to the Bank’s information on the site.

2. Bradesco Internet Banking for Financial Services: The Bradesco Portal also has 16 Transaction Websites.
The origin of access occurs mandatorily by the institutional Website, requiring credentials for access and personal security devices from accountholders and CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s ID) and password from non-account holders.

The Customer is led to an environment of "secure access", which provides financial information and transactions.

We have various financial products and services available which enable customers to pay bills, transfer funds, top-up mobile phones, loans, investments, among others, in a convenient, fast and secure manner.
The Bank currently has its own domain, “”, being one of the few Brazilian companies with a generic top-level domain (gTLD), an initiative of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for Internet protocols and for regulating Worldwide Web addresses. Bradesco websites’ new addresses make access to the Bank’s content more practical and intuitive. When typing the name of a segment, niche or product followed by .bradesco, users are sent directly to the webpage related to their search.

3Q17 Highlights

Institutional Websites:
- Bradesco Portal: simulator of Real Estate Credit Online for Customers and Non-Customers.

Availability of the investment portfolio of the Prime Top Tier Customer, providing a consolidated view for analysis and new business opportunities.

Legal Entities
New Exclusive Bradesco V. 3.0.3 Browser.

Deployment of New Services:
- New Billing Platform;
- Alert for Checks Received;
- Multipag - Inclusion of Debit Date.

ATM Network

The ATM Network offers customer convenience; promotes the migration of services and transactions from the Branch environment; and enables the sale of Bank products. Its main challenge is to become consolidated as a business channel.

Existing in the five regions of Brazil, it has 35,854 active machines in the Bank’s Own Network, of which 25,962 machines have contactless technology (82% of the points) and expansion of the points in Branches have touch screen technology, in addition to 21,006 machines in the Banco24Horas Network, allowing customers to make withdrawals, check balances, print statements, take out loans, pay bank slips, transfer money between accounts, carry out DOC/TED transactions, effect payments via the Meu Dinheiro Claro prepaid card and conduct the INSS Proof of Life.

With the expansion of the project Direct Deposit, we already offer over 300 machines in which the Customer has as main benefit the cash credit in the beneficiary's account in real time, without the value being restrained and without the need to use the envelope.

The Channel has made a great advancement with the possibility of registering Tokens on mobile phones through ATMs. With this, the customer can register their security device with extended hours and more autonomy.

We have one of the world’s most advanced security technologies: the biometric scanning system, which is available in all Bradesco Network ATMs and Banco24Horas Network ATMs. Biometrics identifies and authenticates customer transactions at ATMs through a sensor that captures the image of the vascular patterns of an individual's palm.

By using this technology in the Bank’s Own Network, our customers can carry out 100% of the available transactions using only the palm of their hand and their six-digit password.

Furthermore, we offer Retirees and Pensioners customized navigation, with a Fast Cash option at the value of the minimum wage, and a transparent “Proof of Life” service through the use of Biometrics in Bradesco Network ATMs and Banco24Horas Network ATMs, which neither requires presence at a bank counter nor documentation, for a more agile service.

The ATM Network also has the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, where the Customer performs scheduled withdrawals by mobile phone. It registered an increase of 26% in the last quarter.

2Q17 Highlights

- Contracting a Payroll Deductible Loan (INSS, Public, Private and Refin) on Banco24Horas Network ATMs.

Fone Fácil

Fone Fácil Bradesco is the customer's Bank by telephone, which can be accessed through the Electronic Service, with the option to be directed to Customized Services.

In the Electronic Service, we offer a sophisticated Voice-Command System where customers simply pronounce words without the need to listen to several service options or type in order to access the desired service.

Customers can also request services and go directly to the selected option.

In the Customized Service, customers can count on our Financial Experts and Digital Convergence Agents, who are specialized in Relationships and Business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This channel offers the main financial services, such as payments, transfers between Bradesco accounts, DOC/TED transactions, investments, taking out loans, registration and support for the Token device in mobile phones, among others.

By calling Fone Fácil Bradesco, customers can access other Relationship Channels, such as Credit Card, Private Pension and Capitalization Bonds.

Innovation and high service quality make Fone Fácil Bradesco one of the most awarded Banking Relationship Centers in Brazil.

3Q17 Highlights

- Allows the Customer to make the Payment of the Bank collection in any situation (due date or delinquent) meeting the regulatory demands of the FEBRABAN.

Deployment of New Services in the Electronic Service by Voice Command of Fone Fácil Bradesco (by phone):

- Contracting a Payroll Deductible Loan;
- Payment of taxes with a barcode;
- Programming transfers between Bradesco accounts;
- Tuning – Inclusion of new voice commands and grammatical improvements, facilitating the Customer's navigation.