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The constant investments in infrastructure, information technology and human resources, which are considered indispensable pillars in the banking industry, allow Bradesco to constantly update its branch network, offering a broader range of services in varied media. The expansion and development of service channels generate productivity gains and bring comfort and safety to clients.

Bradesco’s mobile phone presence has been growing exponentially. Through apps, for individual and corporate customers, we offer payment transactions and transfers, statements, loans and many other convenient services. Customers accessing their accounts through mobile phones are not charged, thanks to an agreement between Bradesco and Brazil’s main mobile phone operators (for more information, go to

We have the largest and most complete set of solutions of the Market with more than 180 types of transactions and apps for iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and tablets iOS (iPad), as well as an exclusive access environment for devices using the WAP technology.

1Q17 Highlights

Bradesco Celular Pessoa Física (Cell Phone for Individuals):
•?Initial investment in funds;
•?Contract a Payroll loan.


Bradesco Net Empresa pelo Celular (Bradesco Net Empresa by Cell Phone):
•?Factoring of receivables Amex Credit Card Company;
•?Unification of Credit Card Companies in the service of Factoring of Receivables;
•?Factoring of Check Receivables;
•?Payment of DARF and Simple DARF (DARF Simples).
In the Customized Service, clients can count on our Financial Experts and Digital Convergence Agents, specialized in Relationship and Business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The ATM Network offers customer convenience, promotes the migration of services and transactions from the Branch environment and enables the sale of Bank products. Its main challenge is to become consolidated as a business channel.

In addition, Bradesco customers with a checking or savings account debit card, can make use of 36,095 active machines in the Bank’s Own Network (24,736 machines with Contactless technology) and 20,584 machines in the Banco24Horas Network to make withdrawals, check balances, print statements, take out loans, pay bank slips, transfer money between accounts, carry out DOC/TED transactions, effect payments via the Meu Dinheiro Claro prepaid card and conduct the INSS Proof of Life.

We have one of the world’s most advanced security technologies: the biometric scanning system, which identifies customers and authenticates ATM transactions through an invisible light sensor that captures the image of the vascular patterns of an individual's palm. The biometric system is available in all Own Network and Banco24Horas Network ATMs.

The Bradesco Portal has a conjunction of institutional sites (providing information on the Bradesco Organization, guidance on security, disclosure of social and environmental initiatives and specific publications for investors, among others) and transactional sites (enabling customers to carry out banking transactions). The institutional sites have a new structure in which the information and products/services have been reorganized, the content simplified and the language adapted for digital means.

The Bank currently has its own domain, “”, being one of the few Brazilian companies with a generic top-level domain (gTLD), an initiative of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for Internet protocols and for regulating Worldwide Web addresses. Bradesco websites’ new addresses make access to the Bank’s content more practical and intuitive. When typing the name of a segment, niche or product followed by. bradesco, users are sent directly to the webpage related to their search.