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Digital Channels offer several innovative solutions, which provide autonomy and independence for people with disabilities.

Bradesco is a pioneer in offering banking products to these clients:

• Internet Banking for the visually impaired – Virtual Vision;

• ATMs that comply with ABNT’s rules, with translation into Brazilian Sign Language and voice software that verbalizes operations such as Checking Balances, Statements, Transfers between Bradesco Accounts and Withdrawals that informs the values and order of the bills dispensed.

•Tactile reading keys and devices with suitable height for people using wheelchairs or of short stature;

• Withdrawals using Libras available with the Bradesco ATMs;

• WebLibras which translates to Libras, the texts of the Bradesco portals, institutional area;

• Customer Service for people with speech or hearing disabilities;

• Request for monthly statements and templates to fill out checks in Braille or enlarged font through the Fone Fácil channel or at the Branches;

• Token DV (Security Key for visually impaired customers);

• Personalized assistance for the visually impaired with Fone Fácil;

• Visual Mouse for those with physical and/or motor impairment;

• Embossed Debit, Credit or Multiple cards;

• Debit, Credit or Multiple card holder in Braille and enlarged font;

• Credit solutions through CDC Accessibility;

• Computer skills courses using Virtual Vision that are offered free of charge (to account holders and non-account holders) by Fundação Bradesco;

• Lectures about Accessibility Solutions to the Organization’s employees and clients with disabilities

• Most Branches are equipped with access ramps, tactile flooring, visual signs, appropriate bathrooms and furniture, as well as parking spaces that are exclusive for people with disabilities or reduced mobility and the elderly – some Branches are currently under the adaptation process.

• Solutions in Libras on Bradesco and Bradesco Seguros websites (institutional area).

Through the Brazilian Sign Language translation tool the user has access to information from the entire portal, translated from Portuguese to Libras. According to the IBGE, there are more than 10 million people with hearing impairment in the country, of which only 7% are literate in Portuguese. Since 2002, Libras has been recognized as the official second language of Brazil. This data highlights the importance of resources such as these, and solutions that strengthen Bradesco’s commitment to accessibility in order to provide financial, digital, and social inclusion.