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Bradesco Organization’s Service Network, with its extensive and modern structure, is present across the entire country and in some locations overseas, providing service with excellence in all of its segments.

Besides offering retail banking services, our branches serve as a distribution network for all other products and services that we offer to our clients, including collection and disbursement processing services, private banking services and asset management products.

Leasing services are commercialized through our branches network, as well as directly through our wholly-owned subsidiaries Bradesco Leasing and Bradesco Financiamentos.

Bradesco Corretora and Bradesco Consórcios also offer our services of brokerage, trading and purchasing consortium services through our branches. Bradesco Vida e Previdência sells its products through independent agents nationwide. We sell our insurance products, pension plans and capitalization bonds through our website, through exclusive brokers based in our network of bank branches, and non-exclusive brokers throughout Brazil.

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