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Bradesco Securities

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Bradesco Securities, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banco Bradesco, operates as broker-dealer in the United States based in New York, New York. Bradesco Securities, Inc. is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA – and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC – ). As a result of these memberships, Bradesco Securities, Inc. can engage in permitted activities of a broker-dealer in the United States. The company's activities are focused on the intermediation of share purchase and sale, with emphasis on ADR operations. The company is also authorized to operate with Bonds, Commercial Paper and Deposit Certificates, among others, and to provide Investment Advisory services. This Bradesco initiative was motivated by the more than 90 ADR programs of Brazilian companies traded in New York and by the growing interest of foreign investors in the emerging markets, which is designed to offer support for global investors who invest part of this flow in countries such as Brazil.

Bradesco Securities, Inc., based in New York, provides services to the U.S. market, while Bradesco Securities UK Limited, based in London, provides services to the European Market, and Bradesco Securities Hong Kong Limited, based in Hong Kong, provides services to the Chinese market, including stock brokerage through ADRs and shares listed on the local exchanges. They also operate as broker-dealers in the distribution of public and private securities to international investors.

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System considers Banco Bradesco to be a Financial Holding Company that enables the expansion of Bradesco Securities’ activities.

This status is given following a strict analysis of various aspects determined by the US banking legislation, including Banco Bradesco’s high level of capitalization and the quality of its Management. Thus, the Bank is allowed to, either directly or through its subsidiaries, to operate in the US market, whenever considered convenient, carrying out financial activities under the same conditions as local banks, in particular the following:

– Securities market (underwriting, private placement and market-making);
– Acquisitions, mergers, portfolio management and financial services (merchant banking);
– Mutual funds portfolio management; and
– Sale of insurance.

Thus, Banco Bradesco has strengthened its role in the Investment Banking segment, expanding its opportunity to explore various financial activities in the US market, and contributing to the increase in the volume of transactions carried out with Brazilian companies.