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Investment Bank - BBI

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Banco Bradesco BBI S.A., Bradesco Organization's Investment Bank, advises customers in the issue of shares, merger and acquisition operations, structuring and distribution of debt instruments, including debentures, promissory notes, CRIs, real state funds, FIDCs and bonds in Brazil and abroad, structured financing for companies and Project Finance projects.

Equities: Bradesco BBI coordinates, structures and distributes public offerings of shares in local and international capital markets, in addition to brokering public tender offers. Bradesco BBI has a strong presence in the equity market, leading several of the main initial and subsequent public share offerings.

Fixed Income: With a number of important transactions, Bradesco BBI has an outstanding position in Fixed Income.

Structured Operations: Bradesco BBI develops financing structures and solutions for customers using several funding instruments, including securitization. Moreover, Bradesco BBI has an outstanding position in the acquisition finance segment.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Bradesco BBI advises important customers on mergers, acquisitions, sales of companies and assets, private placement, joint ventures, and financial and corporate restructuring and privatizations, standing out among the main investment banks in Brazil.

Project Financing: Bradesco BBI has a solid track record playing the role of financial advisor and structure maker for several projects in the project and corporate finance categories, always seeking the best financial solution for projects in several sectors of the economy. In addition to solutions through credit and capital market, it also has an excelente relationship with several different promotion agencies, such as BNDES, BID and IFC.