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Bradesco Group is comprised of a conglomerate of companies that allows us to operate in an efficient way in activities identified as priorities. The operation model adopted by the group is diversified into the financial area, in Brazil and overseas, the insurance area, private pension plans and savings bonds, and also other activities.

Among the companies related to the financial area we point out:

:: Banco Bradesco, banks overseas and other banks acquired in past years;
:: Consortium, financing, and leasing companies;
:: Asset management companies; and
:: Securities Brokerage House.

Regarding insurance, private pension plans, and savings bonds, the group counts on Bradesco Seguros, a holding company where the stake in companies that operate in various insurance areas (life, automobile, and health insurance) is consolidated, as well as in the management of corporate and private pension plans, savings funds, and in the savings bond market.

When we analyze the contribution of these segments to the group’s consolidated income, we observe that between 70.9% of the total result derive from activities related to the financial area and 29.1% from insurance, private pension plans, and savings bonds.