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Earnings Result Disclosure Procedures

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The Quarterly Financial Results Disclosure Procedures of Banco Bradesco S.A. (“Bradesco”) aim at defining and guaranteeing that, besides uniformity, the process is impartial and transparent.


Guidance means the guidelines indicated to the Market on the prospects of Bradesco’s Results, focusing on the following issues:

:: Evolution of Loan Portfolio
:: Net Interest Income
:: Fee income
:: Operating Expenses (Payroll and Other Administrative Expenses)
:: Insurance Premiums
:: Non-recurrent events (if any)

The Guidance will be provided in the quarterly presentations for the closing of results of the year in progress.

Press Release

Document (electronic file) generated by Bradesco, which aims at summarizing main figures, indexes and events occurred in the quarter. This document is sent to the individuals registered in our database and to the Market in general, by means of BOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Exchange) and international wire channels.

Silence Period

This is the period prior to the Earnings Results Disclosure, in which Bradesco may not render clarifications or discuss with the Market any type of information related to the referred Earnings Results.

Earnings Results Disclosure

Disclosure will be handled as follows:

:: Financial statements availability (prior to the opening of BOVESPA’s trading session), via Internet, on Bradesco’s Investor Relations website –

:: Conference call for specialized press

:: Conference Call for Market Analysts and Portfolio Managers

::  Videochat  for individual investors


The “Instrument of Policies for Material Act or Fact Disclosure and Trading of Securities Issued by Banco Bradesco S.A.” is available on the Investor Relations website (

E-mail and Wire Channels

By means of these channels, Bradesco sends the Press Release of Earnings Results via our mailing (contact database) and wire channels.

Conference calls

Bradesco conducts its conference calls in Portuguese and English, which may be accessed by phone, according to procedure to be released one week prior to Release.


Through this channel are done the live webcastings of the teleconferences, including a presentation in Power Point format. The material of the event is made available for one-year period and its text is transcribed and maintained for an indeterminate period, both on Bradesco’s Investor Relations website.


Video Chat on the Results Disclosure with the aim of resolving the main uncertainties regarding Bradesco’s period results. A transcription of the Video Chat will also be available on Bradesco’s Investor Relations website.

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